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$79 p/month

Welcome to Lift & Sprint LIVE! We provide five LIVE stream workouts per week which include kettlebell, bodyweight, strength, conditioning, core & mobility training. We have all your fitness needs covered and all you need is one kettlebell!

You can either join us LIVE (schedule on the facebook page) or chose from hundreds of saved, categorized workouts to fit your needs for the day. Our mission is to provide our members with the most well rounded training regimen safely from home.

Try us for a free week and join our growing community of Lift & Sprint members getting strong from home.

$79 per month. Cancel anytime.

Can't wait to train with you!

Nic & Amy


"My gym shut down because of COVID-19. The first 2 months I worked out by myself. I needed the live workouts for my mental and physical health."

- Michelle 

My product on a desk
My product on a desk